My take on Groups in the area

This post is purely my opinion.  I think that for as many homeschool families as we have in this area there seems to be a real dearth of well organized, active support groups.  When my girls were younger and we were just beginning our homeschool journey we were part of a laid back, loosely knit group that was kind of a branch off of another group that went defunct.  We were part of that group for several years but families slowly moved off and changed priorities.  Last year I thought I would try again now that my boys were starting school.  I joined a group with a co op.  The co op was well organized but we never really felt like part of the group, maybe it was because our life was busy, maybe it was because many of the members of the group also went to church together.  For whatever reason we didn’t choose to be part of that group again this year.  And that is OK.  Do not feel like you need to stay with a group that you and your kids are not comfortable in.  We attend another co op this year and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  So keep trying and if you can’t find a group that meets your needs think about starting one.  Finding a support group is one of my most asked questions.

Victory Home Educators – Support Group

  • Victory Home Educators, organized in 1999, serves the homeschooling families of Victory Christian Church and the surrounding community. We offer a co-op, field trips, monthly chapel, craft and holiday parties, senior graduation and more. Fees are $35 per family with a signed statement of faith. South Tulsa. For additional information please email us:

We were part of this co op for a year.  They have a well organized co op.  They do accept non-Victory attending families but you can tell the Victory people all know and are comfortable with each other.

Green Country HERO

  • Green Country HERO (Green Country Home Educators Resource Organization) was established to provide support for homeschoolers in the greater Tulsa area. The group is open to all homeschoolers and is Christian based. We provide a wide variety of social and educational opportunities, all organized by group members. Benefits include the following: a monthly newsletter, a member directory, use of our lending library, an HSLDA discount, bi-monthly business meetings, and monthly moms’ night out. We are affiliated with OCHEC, THE, and HERO of Oklahoma. If you are interested in joining Green Country HERO, please contact us at Location: Tulsa Area, OklahomaContact: Dawn Osborn, Phone: 918-261-4688.  (from

CHEER Support Group

CHEER Support Group is made up of over 150 homeschool families from the greater Tulsa area. The goal of our group is to support and encourage each other and provide tools to help each family achieve excellence in their homeschool. We desire to cultivate an atmosphere of relationship building, to ignite and equip members with resources to help them be successful in their homeschool. CHEER meetings are Christ-centered and intentional on topics taught to provide a foundation and continued education for our members.

Our group seeks the Lord and demonstrates a servanthood heart to one another and as Hebrews 10:24 states, “Let us consider how to stir up one another in love and good works.” We aim to model Christ, mentor moms and share our homeschool knowledge with each other as we have a wide range of new homeschool moms to veterans. We challenge each family to develop their homeschool vision and to make plans to reach those goals. We want to cheer each other on to excellence.

We welcome you to be our guest at a ladies meeting and attend our CHEER 101 class which will help you better understand our group. Please use the “contact us” for the date of the next ladies meeting.

As there are many choices of support groups, we are praying that you will find the group that best fits your family and the vision you have for your homeschool. If it is CHEER, we would love to grow with you and seek Christ together.

Jyl Griffin

CHEER Leader

from their website:

CHEF – Christian Home Educators Fellowship

One of the longest running Homeschool Support Groups in Oklahoma is CHEF, Christian Home Educators Fellowship.  I graduated with CHEF in 1988.

“CHEF is a Christian homeschool association comprised of Christian homeschoolers from the Tulsa metro and the surrounding areas in northeastern Oklahoma.  CHEF is a volunteer non-profit 501c3 organization. We are dedicated to supporting and serving Christian home educating families. CHEF functions in a purely volunteer capacity, seeking to promote the preeminence of Christ and a Christian world view in the home, education, and all of life.  We desire to be a source of encouragement and help to those who are endeavoring to teach and train their children at home. (Deut. 6:6-8, Prov. 22:6, Eph. 6:4)

CHEF is a family friendly organization with many large families.  We are sensitive to the financial burden that homeschool activities such as sports can place on a family.  For this reason, CHEF tries to keep the cost of its activities as reasonable as possible.

CHEF offers a graduation for all area members, yearly membership picnic, plus a basketball program for boy and girls elementary through high school age. With an updated website, CHEF seeks to maximize communication through weekly emails generated directly from the site with up-to-date information and links for its members.  CHEF also offers monthly meetings, field trips, mom’s night out, and other various activities through area support groups.

CHEF is an OCHEC affilliate.

CHEF defines homeschooling to be home based, biblically centered, Christ focused, *parent-directed, **privately-funded, and discipleship oriented.

It is important for Homeschoolers to be affiliated with some type of homeschooling organization which supports their philosophy of teaching their children at home.  CHEF will not only provide this support, but also assist the parent/teacher throughout the year if any difficulties are encountered.  CHEF seeks to provide encouragement, support, and information for all its members. As a member of CHEF, we strongly suggest that you become a member of our website ( by registering on the website at no additional cost to you.  Our website is where we will keep you up-to-date on events, news regarding homeschooling, and much, much more!!” (from their website)

Once you become a member of CHEF you can choose a support group in your area.

South County, Sand Springs/Sapulpa, North tri-county, Tulsa mid-town, and Creek County.  More groups are needed.